Action Intelligence

The most important difference is the actions you take as you control your life by demonstrating intelligence through your actions.

Action Intelligence focuses on what you do, how you feel and what you think.

The synergy of action-feeling-thinking is the foundation of AQ

Action Intelligence (AQ) is your way of showing others what makes you different, your individuality and your strengths.

We apply AQ principles to help recognise and overcome your adversities, improve your quality of life and further enjoy your relationships.

Programs fundamental to all aspects of your life

AQ© is a dynamic practical, direct action, personal improvement program that focuses on The Power of Positive Action© and the importance of effective action-learning©, which empowers all leaders and empowers you.

Action Intelligence will show you how to:

  • Optimise the effectiveness of human resources in your company by establishing improved productivity and commitment;
  • Optimise individual stengths for effective behaviours;
  • Optimize the enjoyment of being a leader – as a CEO or company manager, health professional, principal or sporting coach
  • Optimize individual wellbeing in total health and daily living;
  • Seek mentoring and coaching for successful leadership
  • Optimize changed improvements in behavior in the family, work environment and at school.

The focus is always on the present and moving forward. The past cannot be changed.
We learn from the past what behaviours are rewarding and which are not.

AQ is an inter-active experience identifying strengths and rewarding through positive actions that bring about new ways of thinking. Don’t waste a day by being miserable; you can never get that day back.

Significant behavioral changes bring about significant experiences of happiness and achievement. 

Make the move to a more rewarding lifestyle.



Take positive action today, empower all members of your organisation and enjoy the rewards.

New actions involve new ways of learning and behavioural changes and establish new ways of thinking.

Professionals seeking higher achievements.

Professionals are models of excellence .

Learn simple techniques to

  • maximize your strengths,
  • increase physical and mental health status
  • improve your response patterns
  • optimise individual and group effectiveness

Learn how to modify your behaviour and change your perception through positive actions.

Enjoy the rewards of changing the behaviours of others as you make major improvements in your life through the power of positive actions.

Action Intelligence

Professor Keith Kennett (left)with
Macquarie University's Chancellor
Michael Egan.

Macquarie University-Occasional Address

Thursday 21st April, 2011 at the Invitation of Macquarie University;

Professor Keith Kennett gave the Occasional Address to the University's Faculty of Human Sciences-Psychology Department's 2011 Graduating Class of over 300 graduates.

Topic: On the Power of Positive Action© and the "new paradigm shift" to Action Intelligence (AQ ©).

This was enthusiastically received by the 2011 Graduation class, from PhDs to BSc.


Customised workshops for 1 or 2 days, can be organised for your institution, organisation or government department.

Our workshops are also ideal for parent groups, industry, commerce and marketing.


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